About Me

1098203_10101249455662698_7566363292708911994_nI’m a people-pleasing problem solver
I’m a UX designer with an MA in International Conflict Resolution and 5+ years experience with IT startups. I firmly believe, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” With a business or a website, it’s best to build with an end in mind, with a strategy to get there. It brings me joy to listen to users and collaborate with my team to identify problem areas and use my UX tools to clarify, test, and complete projects.

Spearheading UX campaigns 
As the UX Designer at Delight Me, Inc. I was the first to advocate and implement UX strategy within the software company, prioritizing corporate needs with UX best practices. From user testing to content inventories to prototyping, I continuously applied UX interventions to Delight Me’s website. I’ve also worked on the UX of events with MoDevCon, DCWW, and UXDC 2015.

Baking, dancing, and dreaming
When I’m not problem-solving or designing, I’m baking apple pies (like the one in my header image), dancing salsa and kizomba, making artsy cards for friends, reading, and dreaming about my next adventure. If you like UX and adventure, or pies and crafts, contact me and we’ll dream up a plan. 🙂