Delight Me

Project: Redesign Delight Me Homepage

Skills: Usability testing, (remote), focus groups, content strategy, prototyping
Tools: Axure, Keynote, Camtasia, Excel, QuickTime Player

The Problem: 

Delight Me is an online tool for businesses and individuals to set goals, monitor progress, and celebrate success with trusted friends and coaches. The small company wanted to update its homepage to attract new web traffic. Their old homepage was outdated with no clear calls to action, a heavy color scheme, and limited mobile friendliness:

Old Delight Me Homepage

Old Delight Me Homepage

The Goal:

Publish a new mobile-friendly site with updated visuals, more relevant, succinct content that touches the hearts and minds of their target audience groups.

UX Strategy:

  1. Create a usability test. The Delight Me team had designed a homepage without testing it with users, and assumed that the page was clear and well designed. The first step to this homepage redesign was to create and conduct a usability test to determine if that was true.
    Spreadsheet - 1st Iteration of Delight Me homepage usability test

    1st Iteration of Delight Me homepage usability test

  2. Report findings and make recommendations. I used Camtasia to film users going through this test script, edited down the highlights, and captured their comments in a highlights video that I presented to the CEO. The following spreadsheet contained the findings that were most significant, including the fact that users were confused by the pricing model, confused by the ‘forgot password’ process, and felt that there was not enough content on the website to commit to purchasing the service.
    Spreadsheet - Findings and Recommendations from Delight Me homepage usability test

    Findings and Recommendations from Delight Me homepage usability test

  3. Make new prototypes based on user feedback. Based on the user findings, I mocked up an updated, cleaner homepage with more targeted content and clear calls to action.Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.34.44 PM

  4. Run more usability tests. After totally redesigning the look, feel, and content of the homepage based on the original usability test findings, I tested the new mockup against the original homepage. Check out the results:Benefits Test – What benefits does Delight Me offer?
    Trust Test – Do you think Delight Me looks trustworthy?
    Preference Test – Which design do you prefer?

  5. Create personas. To create a homepage that resonated with Delight Me’s target market, it was critical to hone in on language and content that resonates with that target audience. Truly understanding their specific clients’ goals, motivations, and challenges as they relate to goal-setting helped clarify which benefits to highlight and how to frame Delight Me’s methodology without giving too much away.

    Persona for one of Delight Me's target end users

    Persona for one of Delight Me’s target end users

  6. Build prototypes, test, iterate. I made a series of other changes to the homepage based on new user feedback. This process of prototyping new designs, testing them, and iterating occurred throughout the lifecycle of the project. Take a look at how it evolved!

Evolution of Delight Me Homepage

Evolution of Delight Me Homepage

The Final Product: 

A responsive, user friendly WordPress homepage with updated visuals, colors, and content. Voila!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.02.16 AM